This is a new blog to support the activities of the British Sociological Association Cities and Mobilities Group. The study group takes a broad approach to cities (encompassing urbanism, and visions and experiences of urban life) and mobilities (of people, capital and things).

The urban is both fundamental to the functioning of the global political economy and to local everyday lives and practices. Questions of who gets to move and who gets to stay resonate on global and local scales. Cities and mobilities are then central to ongoing and negotiated inequalities, resistance, technologies and everyday life and conviviality.

This study group seeks to act as a forum to explore such issues and to support discussions that might – amongst many other questions – address the following:

  • How we might expand our imagining of the urban and, in turn, how might this help us to develop the way we approach urban research?
  • How can we use ‘the urban’ and ‘mobilities’ as critical lenses for engaging with other concepts such as race, gender, class, sexuality, disabilities?
  • How can we get cities and mobilities research to speak to broader publics including policy makers and activists?

Given the broad and multifaceted nature of ‘Cities and Mobilities’, this group actively supports the following activities:

  • Inter-disciplinary discussions beyond sociology
  • Critical urban discussions and debates with broader publics
  • The involvement and encouragement of postgraduate and ECR scholars in the study group.
  • Innovative methods and research